Dear applicants

When you have submitted the form:

Please wait for following message: “Your Application was sent successfully. Thank you.”
If sending freezes, please refresh the web page and try to submit the form again.
Refreshing doesn’t clear the form.

When the form is submitted you should receive a confirmation to your e-mail address with following text:
“This is a copy of your application for EBOMFS Assessment.”
If you don’t get the confirmation, please check that your own email address is correct and the message is not stuck in your spam-filter. Sending has failed if the message can’t be found.
Please, do not reply to that post.

Note that you should use pictures and documents with smallest possible file-size! Total size of all attachments should be under 25MB.

Note: You should include into CV a signed document (Head of your Dept.) having performed 500 minor operations.